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Business Growth Health Check for Infusionsoft makes it easy to keep track of your key performance indicators. A single dashboard helps you see the stats that matter most to your business–such as payments received and new contacts–and compares them against your past performance.

And the best part? Business Growth Health Check is totally free.

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Infusionsoft Campaign Tools

A/B Testing

Randomly segment your lists into up to 5 groups for A/B testing.

Complete Task

Automatically mark a contact’s most recent task as complete.

Date Formatting

Send emails with human-friendly dates in the format of your choice.

DateTime To Date

Use field timers on DateTime fields!

Field Math

Increment and decrement a field’s value. You can also do addition and subtraction.

Date Math

Increment and decrement a field’s value. You can also do addition and subtraction.

Opportunity to Contact

Copy Opportunity Record Fields To A Contact Record

Contact To Opportunity

Copy Contact Record Fields To Opportunity Record

Order To Contact

Copy Order Record Fields To A Contact Record

Contact to Order

Copy Contact Record Fields To Order Record

If Field Not Blank Apply Tag

If a field is NOT blank, apply a tag.

HTTP Post Test

Useful for quickly testing http posts without triggering them from Infusionsoft.

Today's Date

Put today’s date in a contact field.

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Includes all Campaign Tools, plus:

Copy Field

Copy a Contact field to a different field.

Add Product to Order

Add A Product To A Contact’s Most Recent Order.

Data Passthrough

This is a very techy tool. It allows you to preserve url parameters across a page that doesn’t support preserving url parameters.

Email Appointment / iCal

Send an iCal reminder as a link in an email.

Copy Data from Parent Contact

This is a very techy tool… It allows you to copy data from a contact to another contact.

Picture Upload to Filebox

Let your contacts upload any picture to the FileBox. The mobile-friendly picture upload page lets your contacts take a picture with their phone and it automatically uploads to their Contact record.

Opt Out

Opt Out a contact’s email address from within a campaign

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