Cloud Backup, Data Warehouse, Survey Monkey and Gizmo Integrations, and Campaign Tools

Own Your Data

Cloud Backup

Mistakes happen all the time. But not all mistakes are created equal. If you accidentally hit the wrong button inside Infusionsoft, you can wreak havoc on all of your precious data.

But don’t fret.

Cloud Backup is here to save the day. When your data goes to heaven, this tool snags it before it gets to the pearly gates, and puts it all in a handy CSV file that you can access whenever, wherever.

Cloud Backup also gives you access to all your stored Infusionsoft information, which gives you the power to use it any way you want!


Data Warehouse

Reports are a vital part of your business. So is Infusionsoft.

Even with all the great information that Infusionsoft can generate, though, you may need a more robust reporting solution.

Luckily, we got your back!

Data Warehouse backs up all your Infusionsoft data to the Amazon cloud in near real time, populates it into a MYSQL Database, and allows you to run whatever kind of query you want with your reporting software of choice.

After all, it’s your information. You should be able to do whatever you want with it!


Survey Integrations

Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo are popular and powerful tools. The info you get comes straight from your customers, and you can speak to them directly.

But Infusionsoft can’t communicate with either service.

Until now.

The Survey Monkey/Gizmo Tool is the gateway to letting your surveys power your campaigns!

  • General Tagging: Tag anyone who takes any part of your survey.
  • Response Tagging: The most powerful part of this tool: Apply a specific tag based on the answer to a specific question.
  • Field Mapping: Take any survey question and save it to a contact record.
  • Advanced Options: Get granular with your survey information!

Only $25 / month!


Only $25 / month!