Keep track of the KPIs that drive Business Growth

Business Growth Health Check for Infusionsoft makes it easy to keep track of your key performance indicators. A single dashboard helps you see the stats that matter most to your business–such as payments received and new contacts–and compares them against your past performance.

And the best part? Business Growth Health Check is totally free.

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Infusionsoft Campaign Tools

A/B Testing

Randomly segment your lists into up to 5 groups for A/B testing.

Health Check

Trusted by over 200 users. Get vital stats on the health of your Infusionsoft app.

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Field Math

Increment and decrement a field’s value. You can also do addition and subtraction.

Humanized Dates

Send emails with human-friendly dates in the format of your choice.


Send physical postal mail using the only official Click2Mail integration for Infusionsoft.


Signature Generator

Effortlessly create a quality signature to use with your Infusionsoft emails.

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Custom Infusionsoft Integrations

Novak Solutions is an Infusionsoft Certified Developer company. Our developers are experts with Infusionsoft. We can turn your ideas into working code quickly, affordably, and reliably.

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“The only thing I can say is WOW! You guys are truly amazing! I had a chance to look over your code and I found it… well elegant! Thanks so much for taking this project on.” Dosto Klee,

Automation Center

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Cart Redirect

Control where your customers land after purchasing your product based on the product they purchased.

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Cloud Backup

An effortless way to backup your data. Every 15 minutes your data is automatically copied from Infusionsoft and stored securely in the cloud.

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Easily connect your SurveyMonkey surveys with Infusionsoft. Your data is automatically imported and tagged according to your preferences.

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Profile and Payments

Give your contacts the power to update their own contact and payment information.

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Create surveys that will automatically be imported into Infusionsoft. Capture abandoned and completed surveys, create or update contacts, and apply tags.

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All of the information you collect in SupportBee can automatically be saved to your Infusionsoft app.

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Owner Redirect

Redirect to the URL of your choice, such as a scheduling site, based on a contact’s owner.

Screen Pop

Automatically open Infusionsoft to a contact’s record when you get an incoming Skype call.


URLs and Passwords

When someone buys a product, we can automatically generate a password and post it to a URL.

Get all of these tools for only $69 per month.

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